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UBC Psychology

Wandering, but not lost: new UBC meta-analysis unveils the complex neural correlates of mind-wandering

Dr. Eric Eich and the crusade for open science

UBC Psychology lab gets high tech about social health

Dr. Janet Werker honoured for research into children’s language acquisition

Lab of the Month: Bridging Sustainability and Psychology with Dr. Jiaying Zhao

Lab of the Month: Dr. Todd Handy’s Attentional Neuroscience Lab

Lab of the Month: Seeing is believing for Dr. James Enns and his Vision Lab

UBC Arts student Audrey Tong receives new scholarship founded by Dr. Catherine Rawn

UBC Psychology’s Dr. Catherine Rawn receives the Killam Teaching Prize

Kindness may help socially anxious people relax, says new research by Dr. Lynn Alden

UBC Electrical & Computer Engineering

Cyber Security Expert Dr. Konstantin Beznosov Discusses WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Karthik Pattabiraman receives Killam Research Fellowship for Internet of Things Security and Reliability Research

Lutz Lampe receives Best Paper Award at IEEE International Symposium

Dr. John Madden’s research team develops innovative flexible sensor screen

Intel gives $60,000 USD to UBC software engineering team researching the Web of Things

Great Bridge Links

The Gender Divide in Bridge

Coding With Card Games

Suit Up! How We Got to Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades

11 Signs You Might Be A Bridge Player

Michael’s Game: A Card Game for the Treatment of Psychosis

Roundup: Our Favourite (Non-Bridge) Card Game Apps

Growing Up With Bridge Lingo

Card Games From Around the World

What’s the Best Way to Learn to Play Bridge?

What Makes a Great Bridge Tournament?

Hearts: Everybody’s Favourite Game

FoodMentum Magazine

Psychology and Food Waste

The Solution for Bread Waste: Beer

Cold-Pressed Juice and Food Waste

A Closer Look at Landfills and Their Effects on Humans

How to Teach Your Friends and Family About Food Waste…Without Being Pushy!

Food Waste as Pet Food

The Effects of Climate Change on Food Quality

Canning and Pickling: From Napoleon to Present Day

Locavores, Unite!

Storing Food to Prevent Wastage

The Role of Compost in Reducing Food Waste

Place of Food Waste Within Climate Change

Food Waste in Popular Culture and the Media

Mindful Eating, Food Waste, and You

How Urbanization Affects Waste in Cities

Moldy Food: Myths and Truths

A Glossary of Terms Related to Food Waste

A Brief History of Food Waste

Why Climate Change Matters

The Secret Behind Ugly Fruits and Vegetables

The Real Financial Cost of Food Waste

Can Urban Farming Mitigate Food Waste?

Thought Catalog

Why Do People ‘Relationship-Brag’ On Social Media?

Western Living Magazine

Designers of the Year – Ones to Watch: DOTY 2012

The Ubyssey

A tale of two Villages: University Village development has exploded in the past 20 years, but it’s got a new challenger

Our Campus: Veronica Cho goes from Sauder dropout to globetrotting philanthropist

Creative Writing

The Garden Statuary

Short Fiction

A Well-Made Man


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